Z Investment Management is an investment management and structuring boutique with a six year track record. We have produced a cumulative return of 88% in co-mingled investment structures 1 and a 3.5 year annualised return of 5.89% in a single bank capital strategy 2.


We have a strong technical and structuring background and the team has over 60 years of  banking experience. We have recently developed a new managed account structure for access to our investment expertise in bank capital securities. For a low annual fee we provide design, implementation, execution and documentation for your portfolio.


Our Team comprises the ex-Barclays Structured Capital Markets leadership team with a former senior distribution head of Merrill Lynch. Our opportunity is characterised by ongoing post-financial crisis regulatory changes which have led to a significant increase in bank capital instrument issuance and phase out. This has created an Information Gap in a growing and highly diverse universe which we continue to exploit.


1ZIM previously managed Valetta Global Diversified SICAV PLC, which was bought out by ex-partners in Jan 2016. ZIM managed Z Special Opportunities (ZSO) between 2015-2018. Cumulative return, net of fees in USD. Fund Conversion of Valletta EUR A into ZSO USD A on 02/06/15 at €150.0085 = $164.5595.

 2Annualised return of ZSO Class A USD share class between Jun 2015-Oct 2018.